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Robuschi USA Inc.

With the express purpose of increasing its presence in the United States, ROBUSCHI opened a new subsidiary in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September, 2004. (Picture below: building where the Robuschi USA office is located).

The opening of this new subsidiary is the consequence of a significant growth experienced by ROBUSCHI in the North American territory in the last 20 years, as well as the promising expectations of this market in the near future.

Robuschi USA Inc.
Robuschi USA Inc.

Robuschi USA provides commercial activities to its customers by means of a network of distributors and agents and technical support through specialized service centers.

The main products that are distributed in the USA market are:


- P.D. BLOWERS: RBS Bare shaft and special groups
- ROBOX evolution complete packages
- RB-DV / TRB-DV High Vacuum Blowers (Air injection) for truck and stationary applications
- RBS AV High Vacuum Blowers for centralized vacuum systems
- LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS: RVS series and special groups

Robuschi USA Inc.
- 3801 Beam Road, Suite F - Charlotte, North Carolina 28217
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